Mirror TV backboard


Mirror TV backboard which the Mirror TV is then mounted onto.  A wide choice of finishes are available including Wood Effects, Matt Laminate or Gloss Acrylic.

  • Aluminium - F509 ST2
  • Anthracite Ceramic - F311 ST87
  • Antique Brown Borneo - H3048 ST10
  • Black Havana Pine - H3081 ST22
  • Black U999PG ST2
  • Boston Concrete - F283 ST22
  • Brown Orleans Oak - H1379 ST36
  • Coco Bolo - H3012 ST22
  • Denim Blue - U540 ST9
  • Mali-Wenge - H3058 ST22
  • Narural Country Beech - H3991 ST10
  • Natural Bardolino Oak - H1145 ST10
  • Natural Dijon Walnut - H3734 ST9
  • Natural Hickory H3730 ST10
  • Pasadena Pine - H1486 ST36
  • Platinum White - W1000PG ST2
  • Shorewood - H3090 ST22
  • Thermo Pine - H3420 ST36
  • Whitewoo H1122 ST22
  • Large 2200mm x 650mm
  • Standard 1800mm x 650mm
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Aluminium – F509 ST2, Anthracite Ceramic – F311 ST87, Antique Brown Borneo – H3048 ST10, Black Havana Pine – H3081 ST22, Black U999PG ST2, Boston Concrete – F283 ST22, Brown Orleans Oak – H1379 ST36, Coco Bolo – H3012 ST22, Denim Blue – U540 ST9, Mali-Wenge – H3058 ST22, Narural Country Beech – H3991 ST10, Natural Bardolino Oak – H1145 ST10, Natural Dijon Walnut – H3734 ST9, Natural Hickory H3730 ST10, Pasadena Pine – H1486 ST36, Platinum White – W1000PG ST2, Shorewood – H3090 ST22, Thermo Pine – H3420 ST36, Whitewoo H1122 ST22


Large 2200mm x 650mm, Standard 1800mm x 650mm

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