Hubit Smart Home Control Digital AV

The Coolvision Smart Home Kitchen Media Centre with Digital TV is an innovative fusion of TV & tablet technology with a simple User Interface designed to pull together all elements of day to day living into one place.  Designed to fit into standard 600mm tall units, or wall cupboard microwave / appliance locations, the unit has the look and feel of an upmarket appliance and proportionally fits a 21.5” high brightness touch screen panel in the centre. Hinging from the top with industry standard hinges, all cables managed by a neat top shelf mountable junction box means no loss of cupboard space.

The unit includes a built in DVB T2 tuner, allowing receiving of Freeview HD with a comprehensive EPG & recording function. In this instance the unit can be used like a conventional TV, however returning to the home page allows interface to your day to day apps available from Google’s app store. Easy navigation buttons allow quick access Home Automation (Lighting / Heating and other IOT appliances), Security Apps, social Media and shopping. A front facing camera allows barcode scanning, and similar functionality that you would get with an Android based Smart device.

* Home Automation and Security
* Freeview HD TV

* On Demand TV
* On Line Video content

* Internet browsing

* Social Networking
* On Line Shopping
* Internet Telephone
* Over two million downloadable apps



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